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About Us

Shandong Haidike Medical Products Co., Ltd., in the year 2012 got founded with a registered capital of around 30 Million. The company is proud to possess high specialization in quality production of medical consumables. 

Our wide product line includes Orthopedic Casting Tapes, Medical Disposable Face Mask, Protective Coverall, Medical Isolation Shoe Cover, etc. Our manufacturer company confirms high quality performance of all provided right priced products. We are working with excellent determination to meet requirements of our clients with sheer perfection. 

We are trusted by clients as we have ISO13485 international quality system certificate. Along with this, we also have CE as well as FDA certificates. We are pleased to have obtained Medical Device Registration Certificate & Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License. Our reputed company owns Asia biggest catgut plant and is regarded as a core enterprise of excellent surgical absorbable sutures characteristic supported industrial base, in National Torch Project. Our high-quality products are excellently exported to Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and in around more than 70 countries as well as regions spread across the world. 

Our knowledgeable managing director Mr. Cheng Guangqi is recognized as the Taishan Industry Leading Talent. He has successfully developed long-term based cooperative relations with famous domestic as well as foreign universities along with research institutions like Tsinghua University. 

Strongly supported with corporate philosophy of Quality focused, high integrity, excellent technological innovation and building a better future, we hope to work with our clients helping them have a glorious future. 

Our Factory

We are extremely proud to have modernized factory brilliantly supported with some advanced performance capable machines & equipment. Highly experienced workers conduct variety of operations in factory imbibing quality focused approach.

Product Applications

  • Surgical sutures find usage for suture and ligation of wounds.
  • Beauty needle can get utilization for facial micro-plastic and body weight loss, etc.
  • Tapes find major usage in orthopaedic fixation, orthopaedic, plastic surgery, limb correction and in support & protection of bone and soft tissue. Polymer bandages of several specifications can perfectly meet fixed needs of several parts of the limbs.
  • Majorly utilized in plastic surgery, orthopaedic, limb correction, orthopaedic fixation and also in support and protection of bone & soft tissue. Also, appropriate for emergency fixation, ligament injury, fracture and sprain and in other patients with temporary fixation. Several of medical polymer splints can excellently meet the fixed requirements of several parts of the limbs.
  • Mask can be utilized for the purpose of facial skin conditioning, with whitening, cleaning, water replenishing, light spots as well as other functions.

Product Equipment

Below cited are some of the excellent quality product equipment:

  • Needle Pressing Machine
  • Physicochemical Experimental Equipment
  • Sterilization Center

Production Market

Our quality manufacturing of macromolecule polymer splint, absorbable suture, absorbable catgut embedding, bandage and cosmetic products are utilized in domestic around more than 20 provinces as well as municipalities. Also, in autonomous regions around more than 500 medical institutions, by large number of experts & users. 

Products get exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, America and various other around more than 70 countries as well as regions. Our supreme quality medical products are trusted by the international buyers and have an excellent reputation. 

RTMED is a recognized trademark protected through the Madrid Agreement. It own a great reputation as well influence in both domestic and international markets. Our sutures posses excellent features of uniform wire diameter, excellent appearance and good tension strength. The quality of our products meets expectations of clients.

What We Serve?

Our Medical Isolation Shoe Cover, Protective Coverall, Medical Disposable Face Mask, etc., are developed to meet high safety needs. These are widely admired for superior in quality standards. 

Our Service

We boast giving great service support. Clients with their queries can connect us, we will be happy to serve. Our great service support enables us to build excellent relationships with our valued customers. 

Our History

February, 2010

Shanxian Runte Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., got founded and soon developed into biggest import as well as export foreign trade company in Shanxian.

November, 2010

Shanxian Runkang Suture Material Co., Ltd., got developed as the biggest production base of catgut in Asia, and got recognized as the National Torch Plan, the core enterprise of excellent national suture material base.

March, 2013

Shanxian Runte Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., got excellently awarded Heze Innovative Enterprise.

December, 2014

Shanxian Runte Medical Instruments Co., Ltd., got excellently assisted by the government to get into the Shanxian Science and Technology Enterprise Incubation Park, and attained the impressive title of being an expert in the production of polymer synthetic material suture.

December, 2016

Heze Yajie Medical Products Co., Ltd., was started, and successfully filled the gap in the manufacturing of quality medical glass fiber bandages & splints.

December, 2017

Shanxian Haidike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was developed.


Shanxian Runkang Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. Successfully get cooperated with well known Luoyang Research Institute of Tsinghua University in order to develop Shandong Qingkong Runkang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., and in the similar time, the Qingkong Runkang Industrial Park was under construction.

January, 2019

Shanxian Haidike Biotechnology Co., Ltd., got perfectly renamed as Shandong Haidike Medical Products Co., Ltd.

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